Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How early do you setup before an Event?

A: We usually like to have at least 3 hours prior to your event depending on the equipment that is required to be setup. Will my Disc Jockey play requests?

Q: Will my Disc Jockey take requests?

A: Of course! We give you the opportunity to provide us with a selection of music (specific songs and/or generes) you would like to have played prior to your event. On the day of your event, we encourage guests to come up and request songs they want to hear.

Q: Will you stay longer if the event runs long?

A: We would be happy to stay longer and spin the tunes for you. It is best advised however to schedule enough time in advance when you sign the contract so that we can plan on it.

Q: How will my DJ be dressed?

A: Your DJ will come dressed in either a suit or a tux unless you specifiy otherwise.

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